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*Bookings now open for summer 2017*

Below are the current spaces available on the 2017 Archaeology Live! training courses. Even if a course is full, we sometimes get late openings coming up if people have had to cancel – so get in touch with us (trainingdig@yorkat.co.uk) and we can create a reserves list if it is your only option.

All prices for 2017 courses will remain the same as 2016 courses.

If you are unsure as to how to read the details below, have a look at this example in italics;

Week no.   Starting Date.    Spaces?  

Week 8       14/06/17             Yes                                                

So, during week 8, starting 14th June 2017, there are spaces available for people on the one week or longer course.

Summer Session One Week and Longer Courses

Week no.      Starting Date.      Spaces?

Week 1         26/06/17               *Fully booked*

Week 2         03/07/17               *Fully booked*

Week 3         10/07/17               *Fully booked*

Week 4         17/07/17               *Fully booked*

Week 5         24/07/17               *Fully booked*

Week 6         31/07/17               *Fully booked*

Week 7         07/08/17               *Fully booked*

Week 8         14/08/17               *Fully booked*

Week 9         21/08/17               *Fully booked*

Week 10      28/08/17               *Fully booked*

Week 11      04/09/17               *Fully booked*

Week 12      11/09/17               *Fully booked*

Weekend Courses

Starting Date.      Spaces?

July 8th                   *Fully booked*

August 26th         *Fully booked*

Taster Courses

Week no.      Starting Date.      Spaces?

Week 1         26/06/17               N/A

Week 2         03/07/17               N/A

Week 3         10/07/17               Yes – only Tuesday and Wednesday.

Week 4         17/07/17               Yes – only Thursday and Friday.

Week 5         24/07/17               Yes – only Thursday and Friday.

Week 6         31/07/17               Yes – Only Tuesday and Wednesday.

Week 7         07/08/17               Yes

Week 8         14/08/17               Yes

Week 9         21/08/17               Yes

Week 10      28/08/17               Yes

Week 11      04/09/17               Yes

Week 12      11/09/17               Yes

With sufficient demand we will run additional courses so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Bookings and enquiries to trainingdig@yorkat.co.uk



  1. Stephen Wildridge

    January 30, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I wish to attend a one week course this summer and would appreciate if you could let me know as soon as the dates for courses are published.


    Stephen Wildridge

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