Q: How do I book a place?

A: To book a place, email trainingdig@yorkat.co.uk with the type of course you would like to attend and which dates you would like to book. We will then send you a booking form to fill out and get back to us either in the post or by email. This form will contain information on methods of payment. Payment by cheque or bank transfer is preferred.

Looking for new features

Looking for new features

Q: Can people with no previous digging experience take part?

A: Yes. The courses cater for beginners, but people with digging experience can also learn a great deal from the courses. Anyone aged 16 years or over (or 14 and above if accomapanied by a guardian who is also taking part in a course) and of any nationality, can take part.

Q: Is there an upper age limit, or any constraints due to physical ability?

A: No. The work and teaching are designed to meet the needs of each individual. Provided we are notified in advance of any special requirements, we hope to cater for all.

Our amazing week 11 team.

The 2014, week 11 team

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: All participants must have their own steel toecap safety boots and wear full length trousers on site; other safety equipment will be provided. It is recommended that you buy a WHS 4″ pointing trowel (they’re the best!) if you intend to take part in other excavations, but we do have spare trowels available. The information sheets sent to you after you have booked includes details on what you need to bring.

Q: How do I get to the excavation?

A: York is well served by road and rail links, and can easily be reached from the major airports. The excavation is in the city centre and can be reached on foot by bus or taxi. Once you have completed a booking you will be sent further information regarding the excavation, including details of how to get to the site.

Q: Do you provide accommodation?

A: We do not currently offer any inclusive accommodation. York has a wide range of accommodation options, a good place to begin your search is here www.archaeologylive.org/accommodation-in-york/ Please feel free to add comments with any of your own recommendations.

If you still have queries about the dig after reading the details and the frequently asked questions page, please contact:

E-mail trainingdig@yorkat.co.uk 

Mobile: +44 (0) 7908 210026


  1. Howard Richter

    I’d be much obliged if you could let me know where all the material that was available at
    has been moved to.

    In particular, I’d very much like to know how far away the ruins of St. John the Baptist are from the ‘Supposed Site of’ marked by the OS on the 1891 1:500 map . This was only a short distance north of Palmer Lane.

    • archaeologylive

      Hello Howard,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. I’ve replied via email.

      All the best,

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